Hot Potato Gang

Unrugging the past to build for the future

The Great Un-rugging: What the fried potatoes is going on here...?

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Let's dig deeper into the scope of the Hot Potato Gang. Read on to find out where we came from, our mission, and how we are going to execute!

The Origins of Hot Potato Gang

Founded in early 2022, Hot Potato Gang was originally a Solana-based 6,000 NFT collection. The two original co-founders embarked on their first NFT project, they were able to cross the major hurdles including the generation of assets and organically building a Twitter following of 3,500+ followers.

Despite signs of value and a bustling community, the team soon learned that launching an NFT collection requires more than just a mint contract and art. As the community grew, so did the requests. The co-founders struggled to keep up with the constant buzz of the Discord and Twitter. During a slow mint, the founders were unable to keep up with the demands of the community. They decided to close the mint contract and delete the Hot Potato Gang Discord. The creation of the project was not malicious in any way and the founders never intended to rug-pull the community, but supporters of the project were left behind with no direction.

During the live mint, Hot Potato Gang was trending on Magic Eden and was noticed by the current project owner MCags. Captivated by the low price and high volume of the project, MCags instantly brought the project to the forefront of a Solana Alpha Chat within an Insights Community, Illiquid Capital. This Solana Chat had fun trading the high-volume collection for a few days until the founders ultimately shut down the existing project.

Almost immediately, MCags became determined to revive Hot Potato Gang. He joined forces with hodlETH  and DegenTy, and the team was able to successfully contact the previous founders. After days of negotiations, the project changed hands to current ownership and remains partially minted in stealth mode.

Hot Potato Gang - Revival

Our Mission

The new ownership of Hot Potato Gang believes that there is underlying value in the initial failures of various NFT communities. Just because a collection fails to mint out or founders have nefarious intentions, does not mean that the entire community is worthless.

The current team hopes to change the fate of other NFT communities that may have shown a promising start before ultimately falling flat and being rug pulled. The team hopes to utilize the community behind Hot Potato Gang in order to reach out to other floundering NFT communities and restore potential value.

Through the repeated process of NFT collection un-rugging, the team is hopeful that the value derived from the salvation of projects will flow back to Hot Potato Gang either in the form of new community members or increased Hot Potato Gang holders.

Hot Potato Gang ultimately wants to act as the NFT community’s first Distressed Asset Desk. To do so, the team acknowledges the need to be active across both the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. In order to reach communities on Ethereum and Solana, the team has decided to allocate the new Hot Potato Gang collection equally with 3,000 NFT’s across each layer 1 option.

The minting site will be launched, when ready, and initiated on both chains. (More details to come)

Team members are working on a structured approach to identifying ideal projects to un-rug. A model is currently underdevelopment to help Hot Potato Gang accurately deploy resources and identify the most valuable NFT collections to attempt to salvage.

Holders will have access to the Hot Potato Gang Discord where they will have free reign to interact with community members, engage in alpha chats, and participate in the un-rugging of various NFT collections found throughout the space.

Design & Execution

The (New) Team

Click below to discover the background of the new founding team. Our team will continue to grow with our community! All members of the Hot Potato Gang will have the opportunity to contribute to the success of the future projects we salvage. Expanding web3 knowledge & experience is one of our core values. Working together we can accomplish anything!