Hot Potato Gang

We're back, and better than ever.

From the ashes the potatoes rise. In this tumultuous market, we must do everything we can to survive. We are here to unrug, revitalize, and empower our Potatoes. We are the new co-founders of the Hot Potato Gang.


Project Owner, Co-Founder

MCags brings a multitude of experience from the traditional finance industry as well as web3. Cutting his teeth in DeFi before moving to the NFT markets. He quickly became respected in the web3 community as an alpha caller and joined the Alfa Team at Illiquid Capital where he specialized in the SOL NFT market. He brings a deep understanding of the web3 spaces as well as a strong network to grow the potato patch



hodlETH has roots in traditional finance but a passion for web3. Having entered the space in 2016, he has experienced multiple market cycles to this point as well as the trends associated with each one. Today, hodlETH is an active portfolio manager for his cryptocurrency fund.


Co-Founder, Lead Developer

degenTy has been a Software Developer for 10+ years. In 2021, he found an excitement and passion for web3 development. Dedicating a majority of his free time learning new technologies, Ty is constantly improving his knowledge of developing on the blockchain. He built his own project and contract on Ethereum, and Hot Potato Gang has been the first opportunity to apply his technical ability to Solana.
Let's build!